We are experts on the future of wellness.

We offer specialist advisory services to high-growth wellness startups and established global wellness brands expanding in existing or new markets.

Our team also advises forward-thinking companies on the impact of future trends and consumer thinking about health and wellness – across all sectors including food & beverage, fitness, fashion, technology, beauty, and travel.

Our full range of consultancy and advisory services, outlined here.

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Welltodo also provides access to essential global wellness news for brands, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. Through breaking industry news, consumer trends and insights, Welltodo aims to influence business decisions, spotlight opportunities, and celebrate the opinions that shape the wellness industry.

Our monthly London-based events are designed to bring together the wellness industry’s founders, leaders, and influencers – to inspire, educate and share ideas that impact the evolution of the industry globally.

Welltodo also provides access to career opportunities in the wellness sector and a platform for brands and employers to reach talented, passionate and well-informed candidates. We see this as the driving force for growth, and a foundation on which wellness businesses can sustain a truly authentic brand community.


Lauren Armes – Founder & Director

With a background in marketing and international business development, Lauren founded Welltodo with the aim of informing and connecting brands, influencers and investors in the global wellness industry. She also coaches and mentors female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry (find out more).
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Laura Hill – Senior Editor

Laura is an experienced journalist with a background in media and events; and specialises in analysing and writing about the global health and fitness industry.
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Hannah Wilkinson – Staff Writer

Hannah is an experienced international journalist. She studied economics and management at Oxford University and writes about entrepreneurship, business, and economics.
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Sophie Hickey – Careers Manager

Sophie has a strong background in recruitment and specialises in relationship management and advisory services. She leads the Welltodo Careers initiative, helping individuals realise their potential for a career in wellness and supporting wellness companies to achieve their growth plans.
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Melanie Blunt – Editorial & Administrative Assistant

With a varied background across industries, Melanie supports the day-to-day running of the Welltodo operation – supporting on content, careers and events. She is, of course, extremely passionate about health and fitness, and the industry as a whole!

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