Welltodo Careers Coaching

Welltodo Careers Coaching

So you’re ready to kickstart your professional journey working in the wellness industry? Or, maybe you’d like to take your current career to the next level?

We take it you’re also intent on finding this dream role in the fitness, nutrition and health, wellness travel, technology, natural beauty, or healthy F&B sectors, too?

We get it, and you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission at Welltodo Careers is simple and underpins everything we do – we help people find fulfilling jobs and careers in wellness. In doing this, we achieve our primary mission which is to support the growth of the wellness industry – by connecting wellness businesses with passionate job seekers.

We set up the Careers Coaching platform because, as well as providing guidance and advice to our clients, we realised our candidates equally needed our support. Our goal is to counsel you through the journey of realising your full potential in a career that is truly fulfilling and authentically you.

Here’s how…


Our one-to-one programs with an experienced Careers Coach will help you create positive habits and provide practical tools that will improve your job searching capabilities. The aim is to build a strong foundation in which to progress your career search with confidence, supported by our network, industry expertise, and knowledge of wellness trends.

Ahead of your course, you will be asked to fill out an explorative questionnaire that will take you out your comfort zone, triggering the process of getting you in the right headspace for this journey. Your one-to-one sessions will then be tailored specifically around your answers, what you want to achieve and the challenges that you as an individual may face. Whilst the sessions will be completely unique to you, they will focus on and address a variety of careers-specific topics including;

– Your career to date and your goals for the future;

– Fine tuning your CV;

– Social media and your personal brand – how best to approach this, and networking;

– Different categories within the wellness industry and which you’re suited to;

– An insight into current opportunities which exist – based on current trends;

– Tips and coaching on how best to prepare for interviews, negotiating your salary & the offer process;

– And much more.

Each session is a 45 minute one-to-one via Skype or phone with our Careers Manager (learn more about Sophie below), and the choice of 2 levels. The level you choose will dictate the depth in which each of the careers topics is explored and how much support you require. We welcome a discussion about this with you beforehand to determine the best fit, between:

Level 1 & 2 Welltodo Careers Coaching - Find A Job In Wellness

Regardless of which level your choose, you’ll receive a maximum of 1 session per week, to ensure you have time to digest and take everything on board. You will be processing a lot of information and have follow-up tasks to complete, so we want to make sure it sinks in! Whilst the number of sessions you can book is effectively unlimited, our courses are designed with the aim of ultimately leaving you in a confident position to move forwards on your own, with the knowledge that you can look back on your coaching sessions for guidance.  

Who are these programs for?

Our Careers Coaching Programs are suited to anyone who is serious about their career, motivated to find a job in wellness, and/or wants help in finding their true purpose and mission in life. Whether you’re just starting out; looking to transition into wellness or are already working in wellness but need guidance on advancing your career – this course will help you.

We are not here to get the job for you, but we are here to help you realise that you have the skills and power to do this yourself (and it doesn’t mean starting at the bottom!)…

To find out more or book an appointment – email: [email protected]


Want help but not quite sure one of our programs is for you?

We also offer….


Book a one off, one-to-one with our Careers Coach for a tailored feedback session designed to enhance and develop that all important document that stands between you and the hirers: your CV. This one-off session will last 1 hour and include feedback on your existing CV as well as giving you an insight into the segments of the wellness industry that you express an interest in. It will also give you an opportunity to ask specific questions, get recommendations, and ultimately, put you in a better position when searching for a job in wellness.

Intensive Welltodo Careers Coaching Session - Find You Dream Career in Wellness

To find out more or book an appointment; email: [email protected]

Careers Coaching Testimonial


Have you been lucky enough to find a job that aligns with your values and purpose? I can safely say that I have… and my goal in life is to help others do the same.

I am a careers specialist with a love, interest and passion for all things wellness and incidentally, people too. I graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Biomedical Science in 2011 which satisfied and catered to my interest in human health & disease but after graduating, I struggled to find a job I could connect to within the scope of my degree, and felt completely lost. Truth be told, I actually fell into my first recruitment role by chance… and I haven’t looked back.

The following 6 years saw me develop my interview and advisory skills, careers expertise and general life knowledge, culminating in me making the strategic decision to move to London and develop my own career. At the time, I was working at a company I truly loved with a team I had bonded with so closely I couldn’t imagine not working with. Yet, London was calling and I was ready to make the leap.

And I was doing just that – leaping into the unknown – the prospect of which was pretty scary. But, I was armed with 2 things:

(1) The knowledge that I loved helping people find jobs/ careers that they felt fulfilled in, and;
(2) A passion for the wellness industry.

My aim, which I succeeded in achieving, was to blend these two core elements together, and come out with my perfect job… enter Welltodo! And in this way, my journey is a lot like yours.

Now, as Welltodo Careers Manager, my goal is to facilitate, coach, advise, support and guide individuals through the journey of self-discovery; helping you to realise who you are, what you should be doing, and then applying this more practically to the many opportunities that exist in the wellness industry.

As a business, we know the wellness industry inside out – which is why we’re in the perfect position to place you at the heart of it. Whether you’re already working in wellness and need help on where to take your career next, or you’re stuck in a job that you dislike, in a company that you have no connection with; the Welltodo team is here to help. Change is on its way.

Take control – be proactive – live a life designed by you!

Ready to take your life to the next level? Email us now: [email protected]